A Walking Football player shoots in the FA People's Cup in Manchester.

Walking Football

Age has no limit anymore!

Walking Football is a slower paced version of the beautiful game. The game was originally designed to help get over 50's back into football and increase physical activity through rekindling players' love for the game. Walking football is open to both men and women who want to play football at a slower pace.

I Wish I’d Tried | Walking Football

I Wish I’d Tried | Social Tournament

Is Walking Football for me?

The rules of walking football have been adapted so there is no running, very little contact and has kick-ins instead of throw-ins. This format provides less stress on the body and with no real sudden change of direction or cutting movements the game allows participants to play without apprehension and at their own pace. While it was initially designed for older players it could also be an ideal way to play for those with mobility issues or returning to sport after prolonged injury. Playing football at a slower, walking pace is a fantastic way to keep fit, reduce the chance of injury and falls and maintain an active social life.

Where can I play Walking Football?

To speak to somebody at Manchester FA, contact:

Sarah Venning
Football Development Officer (Recreational)
0161 225 1966

The offices at Platt Lane are open Monday-Friday (8am-8pm) and Saturdays (9am-2pm).

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A Walking Football player shoots in the FA People's Cup in Manchester.
Walking Football Introduction Session
Credit to Harry Peet for the filming and production as part of his Journalism course.
If anyone has ever played football and has the passion for it, they will just want to get back out on a football pitch and play again. Just get off your backside and give it a try. Get out there and do it. You won’t regret it!
- Ron Lee, 81